When I got to the City, Tallulah Fairwind was waiting for me at the gate.

"Ho, Andal Brask," she said with that big grin of hers. "Micah warned me about you."

I said, "Warned you? I was dead, then I floated here. All I've ever done in my entire life is barf into the Pacific Ocean."

Tallulah slapped my shoulder so hard I actually died right there. My Ghost had to rez me. I was so embarrassed.

When I came to, she was crouched next to me. "Well, then let's add to your story," she said without missing a beat, as if she hadn't just murdered me. "Starting with some wings. I hear there's a Devil around these parts stole a ship that sings like an angel. Might need some refurb, but we can get that in Ishtar. I know how to sweet-talk the Library. She likes it when you tell her about the Never-Be."

"I don't understand anything you're saying."

She slung an arm around my shoulder. "Buck up, little buddy. It's not like we're gonna tap a Vex gate. Not yet, anyway."

And you'll never believe what happened then…