The following text was found recessed into a stone wall within the Pale Heart. Translation protocol has done its best to equate the text to a modern language transcription, with nominal confidence.

Words or phrases with <85% translation confidence within the transcript are contained in [brackets]. Values for bracketed words or phrases are listed after the transcript, with percentages indicated in (parentheses).


We speak so often of knives and violence, but perhaps you would come to understand something… [softer]. Perhaps [beingness] is instead a [golden harp]. Forged tenderly, a complex, sweeping, beautiful shape with graceful curves and infinite potential, the exemplary [?UNKNOWN?].

Across its two florid [buttresses], the strings of time have been pulled taught. Tightened and [tuned] to a delicate [balance of distress], if wound much further, would lead to [rupture] and sting most unpleasantly.

Pluck at any stretched string and [vibration reverberates]. Wavelength moves through [atmosphere], producing pleasing audible experiences, [they crest then fade].

If [plucked] at regular intervals, the waves rise and fall with such charm. This predictability is perfection; it is unmatched. We will compose such [sweet music]. We will control the ebb and flow. The final shape is the [golden harp], and [we are the hand that plucks].


Confidence Percentages:

[softer] —- (72%)

[beingness] —- (84%)

[golden harp] —- (25%)

[?UNKNOWN?] —- (0%)

[buttresses] —- (46%)

[tuned] —- (77%)

[balance of distress] —- (4%)

[rupture] —- (68%)

[vibration reverberates] —- (18%)

[atmosphere] —- (15%)

[they crest then fade] —- (9%)

[plucked] —- (34%)

[sweet music] —- (37%)

[golden harp] —- (25%)

[we are the hand that plucks] —- (2%)