Ikora walked into the hangar and found Osiris inspecting his ship's engine. She put her hand on a turbine and steadied her breathing.

"Make sure Shipwright Hiponia does a diagnostic check before you leave for Mercury," she said to her old mentor. "Cesar is very thorough."

Osiris smiled wryly. "You're always one step ahead of everyone else. It's what makes you a leader among all Warlocks."

"Then you understand why I must remain; to continue to lead as you once led."

"Thousands of Vex simulations can help us understand the Darkness, Ikora!" Osiris said. "This could be the key to—"

"Osiris," Ikora interrupted. "I wish you well on your mission, but I fear that your obsession will be your undoing."


"We have each made a choice. I choose to stay and fight what is real."