I'm not one to navel-gaze; that is better suited to the mystics and so-called philosophers who are ill at ease with the quiet absence of war. No offense to the late "Speaker" of our fair city, but I have come to view any person with big ideas with suspicion. Many think you're a big idea because they do not understand you.

Not long ago, I fought alongside an Eliksni and a Cabal—both capable and proud warriors. We were on Neptune, and as I scanned the aftermath of battle, I thought of… home. Somehow, light-years and galaxies from where they'd been born, these two had become my comrades. They fought with an intensity warriors exert when defending their home.

You aren't the meaning of the universe, or the meaning of life, are you? I don't pretend to know your intentions; not my business. But I feel it has to do with home. I just feel it, the way you stand guard over us—and that is what you're doing—that you know the importance of home. Hell, one day you might decide to leave for good, but I would still like to believe that, at least for a little while, this was your home.

—Unknown Titan