Lately I've been thinking a lot about our adventures, our friends…


Being your Ghost came with a feeling of being close to invulnerable—an unstoppable force. Okay, maybe not so much in the beginning, but we figured it out as we went along. And watching you become something remarkable, something extraordinary, is an honor I don't take lightly. I know you probably get tired of the accolades and the pageantry, but I don't blame them for being in awe of you.

Through the incredible wins and the grievous losses, you persisted.

I know I've changed being at your side. I've felt it.

And I feel desolate knowing that some Ghosts won't get that opportunity now they're gone, that they'll never again feel that surge of pride as they watch their Guardian shine.



I understood their sacrifices on a surface level, the most obvious choice a Ghost could make in the direst of circumstances. I felt so confident, so secure in your legend, that the true weight of that thought never sunk in. But the more I stare at that portal, the more I consider the outcomes we might face if we fail—I think I finally, on every level, understand them.

A sacrifice for the person they love most, made with the knowledge they'd never see them again, knowing they'd be sentencing them to their final death. If it meant that person would live for just a little while longer… it's an agreeable price to pay.

Sundance never got that choice.

I remember the feeling when she was destroyed, felt that split moment of shock and sorrow before her Light faded. She loved Cayde. She'd have sacrificed herself for him too, just as the others had, but she didn't get that choice.

We never know if we'll ever get that choice. But, like all of them, I'm with you, no matter what the end looks like.

We're going to win. We have to win.

Thank you for showing me what it means to be a hero. A god. A friend.

Even if I could… I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to be my Guardian.