"Marcus, what—"
"You're here! Finally! Get over here and hold this gun—"
"Right down to business, huh?"
"I will put these legs on—"
"What are these? Frosties 2.0?"
"No! They're completely different."
"OK, they share some similarities. But these are the Stompies. I'm going to do a test-drive, and if they rip my legs off—"
"Is that likely?"
"You disintegrate me quick before the rogue mechasynapses spread—"
"Boaz, please. I thought you wanted to help?"
"But shooting you? And I don't even get Crucible glory for it?"
"I'll let you win the next race."
"C'mon. If you won't do it, I'll ask Ariadne. She'd love to shoot me."
"Fine. Gimme the gun."
"Thank you! Stompies Field Test One is go."
"I might actually enjoy this."
"That's the spirit."