Light forgets, Darkness remembers.

Ikora studied the strange approximation of the Tower, dust kicked up around her as the wind gusted through creaking halls. She felt the pull to explore… to find her old office. To see just how deep the recreation would go.

But as she took a step up the stairs, her foot caught something—a small but familiar rectangular shape. She picked up the book and gently brushed dust from the cover. It was a copy of "The Spine-Tingling Adventures of Sedona Kane, P.I." The pulpy cover art told her it was the fourth installment of the series, with the subtitle "The Curious Case of Doctor Pennyworth."

Light forgets, Darkness remembers.

Darkness. In a place of such potent Light, would it be enough to manifest… everything? She flipped through the book; even the coffee stain still adorned page 95.

Flashes of memory came back to Ikora as she studied the bold colors and heavy lines of the book's tattered jacket. She recalled kicking her feet up against the wall in her bunk one night after a particularly nasty Crucible loss… Ophiuchus's glow providing just enough visibility. Remembered cleaning the spilled drink off the pages in the mess hall and praying there was no lasting damage. And thought of other moments, of a warm hand covering her own as she read the text out loud for the thousandth time…

The Warlock held the book to her nose. Just to take in the scent once more.

Light forgets, Darkness remembers, and so would she.