—-Warlock, you need not resist. You have died countless deaths; you have been reborn in equal measure. You comprehend the final shape as were a death sentence… to liken it to death is an underestimation, an incorrect and assumptive simplification.

Sometimes death is violent and momentary, sometimes death is quiet, sometimes it is even dull. The Light reassembles you as it sees fit, reformed in optimal condition to fight in its endless, hopeless war. Primed to do the bidding of forces you could not hope to understand. Death, rebirth, a cycle endless and tiresome. We know you are weary.

We hear the dominant chord of the universe, and we wish to share it with you. There is a musicality in its preciseness if you only attune yourself to it. A cacophony harmonized.

You see this as unbearable torture… but you also know it to be transcendent ecstasy. The rush of your joyous game, the delicious heat of battle. Your guns, and even your beloved comrades, together again. That moment, you know the very one. Eternal victory. Triumph that does not wane. Break the cycle, dear Ikora. Rest.—-