—-Titan, O Titan. Your Traveler betrayed you just as it betrayed us. We do not pity you; we mourn with you. We wail alongside you at the graves of your beloved son and your treasured partner. We hold you in our arms and bear the weight of your sorrows, for they are our own.

We will not lament the absence of fairness in this universe; indifference does not balk in the face of righteous anger. Nor does it bend to judicious retribution.

No action should be reviled more than inaction in the face of great pain and agony. One may do evil, one may do good, but one must do something. This is where our Gardener failed you. It hung in the sky watching as your boy, your Hakim, was slain so mercilessly. It did nothing as his lifeblood drained in Safiyah's arms. He left this existence knowing not the breadth of its delights, nor the depths of its heartaches. Stolen.

We give you justice, Commander Zavala. We give you the joy denied to you under the unfeeling god you once worshipped. We give him back to you whole and perfect, and we ask for nothing in return.—-