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The Old Ghost was born to be a complementary site to the other two projects I already own, The Traveler (Brazilian platform to help Destiny 2 players teaching raids and other events) and The Speaker (bot in telegram available in Portuguese and English whose goal is to organize the events of the members of telegram groups).

If you are reading this text in a language other than Portuguese or English, please be aware that all elements of the site (except Bungie content) have been translated with the help of online tools (such as google). If you find errors in your native language (or even snippets that don't make much sense) and want to assist me, please click here and talk to me on Twitter so I can adjust (please, I can only reply in English or Portuguese, be kind to me).

Recently added Lore books:

  • Entities of Sol Entities of Sol
  • Enemies of Humanity Enemies of Humanity
  • Cloud Strider Legacies Cloud Strider Legacies
  • Warp and Weft Warp and Weft
  • Sol, A History Sol, A History
  • Last Days Last Days
  • Becoming Legend Becoming Legend
  • Guardians and Ghosts Guardians and Ghosts

Recently added Weapons and Armour:

  • Mark of Agony Mark of Agony
  • Plate of Agony Plate of Agony
  • Boots of Trepidation Boots of Trepidation
  • Gauntlets of Agony Gauntlets of Agony
  • Cloak of Trepidation Cloak of Trepidation
  • Mask of Detestation Mask of Detestation
  • Greaves of Agony Greaves of Agony
  • Mask of Trepidation Mask of Trepidation
  • Boots of Detestation Boots of Detestation
  • Grips of Trepidation Grips of Trepidation
  • Helm of Agony Helm of Agony
  • Gift of Cruelty Gift of Cruelty