Chapter 9

My Queen,

The Kell of Kells. Skolas. A true Nightmare if ever I've seen one! I apologize, my Queen, if the mention his name unearths any foul memories. I know the toll it took on the Awoken when he waged his unholy war on the Reef, rallying the House of Wolves in an uprising that saw the loss of so many Awoken lives. We mourn them still to this day.

Skolas's ambition was nothing if not relentless. In certain regards, I almost respect his sense of duty to his people. He was ruthless in his quest to lead his followers to glory. After his final revolt inside the Prison of Elders, Guardians banded together to thwart him once and for all—until today, when the Darkness summoned a Nightmare of him.

I fear we may someday find ourselves in Skolas's place, shackled and bound, deprived of our friends and followers. Yet we cannot abandon hope… no matter how freeing it would be. To just give in to the Darkness. To give up. To feel no more pain.


Skolas was grueling to defeat. We must be the same.

We too shall adapt and become ruthless in hopes of staving off the Darkness. I feel the same sense of dedication to my people that Skolas felt for his. Death itself will have to claim me to end my campaign.

The weight of this mission is not overwhelming, though it feels heavier with each step forward. I will carry on.