Chapter 5

Do you see your role in all of this? Can you understand the importance of your deeds? The Hero of the Red War. The judge, jury, and executioner of the Scorned Barons. Your legend has only grown since your revival. So many challenges faced. So many obstacles overcome. It is you who must now show the rest—every Guardian, every warrior, every huddled, hopeful, broken soul—that we are ready to face any threat. And to do so, we must be willing and able to become masters of the Light and the Dark.

This isn't to say we must give ourselves freely to the shadows. Far from it, and quite the opposite. We must instead bend those shadows to our will. Infuse them with Light such that their sickness dims, but their power remains. And when they writhe and hiss and refuse to be bound to our resolve, we will see them destroyed until all that remains are those powers that will be honed and controlled, and those that will be eradicated in the wake of our advance, from the brink of annihilation to our inevitable reclamation of this system and the stars beyond.

It is you who must be the guiding light. It is you—the best of us.