Chapter 4

Vale: Have you seen?

Bane: Callum?

Vale: Yes. He's shed his dark name and preaches our weakness. Paints us as cowards.

Bane: He is a preacher born. New members flock to his twisted doctrine daily.

Vale: More than I'd hoped.

Bane: So many fought to "earn" the title Dredgen, only to throw it away when they found a voice that truly spoke to their anger and fear.

Vale: Are you surprised?

Bane: Not in the least. Disappointed, maybe. But surprised that the ignorant who fall under the thrall of any who stoked their hatred would be so easily swayed? Never. After all, was that our intent? Isn't this why Callum has taken this burden upon himself?

Vale: It is. The division is becoming clear. As our numbers grow, more join Callum. As we gun them down, still more take up arms. The weak are being culled, as intended.