Chapter 6

Vale: It is time.

Callum: I am ready.

Vale: You cannot return from this.

Callum: Yeah. That was the deal.

Vale: And you go forth with no regrets?

Callum: We have riled the foolish and set the trap. If my end is the means by which we can ensure a generation of those whom the shadows would corrupt are removed from the playing field, then my end is welcome.

Vale: Braver words have never been spoken.

Callum: And Paola?

Vale: Your Ghost understands as well as you. She is safe now, with Bane, given a new shell and… sad… but aware of what is at stake.

Callum: Whose Ghost was this?

Vale: Unknown. A dead thing wrapped in your familiar's carcass. Simply play your part, stab the thing, and when you are gone, I will plant the audio to set you as the martyr and myself as the villain.

Callum: And what if they discover Malphur and Orsa are one and the same?

Vale: They will not.

Callum: Then onward, right?

Vale: Ever.

Callum: It's been an honor.

Vale: The honor is now, has ever been, and will always be… mine.

Callum: Too kind. Go well, friend.

Vale: I will, brother. RTL.