Chapter 9

Glint met the former Hidden agent in a sake bar called the Drunken Noodle. He had agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity and was already drunk when Glint arrived.

"Man, they can say whatever they want. I saw what I saw," the man affirmed. He motioned to the proprietor for another pitcher. "They always tell you: report everything. No detail too small. You never know what matters most."

"Buncha bullcrap," he grumbled. "I saw what I saw."

"A Headless One," Glint prompted, struggling to contain his excitement.

"What?" the man asked. "No! It had a head, that's what I'm saying! Haven't you been listening?" He lurched to his feet. Nearby diners began to whisper and point.

"It had a big, smiling pumpkin head!" he shouted belligerently. "With three eyes! And purple flames shooting out of it!"

The bar fell silent. The man suddenly felt everyone staring.