Chapter 2

The following audio imprint was recovered by Glint, the Ghost, during scans of an Exo production facility on Europa. Its origin remains a mystery.

"We all saw it: the machine tower, buried in ice.

"At first, we thought it was a glitch. Some kind of psychological artifacting, created by the transfer of our consciousnesses into a digital format. The bio-mind just trying to adapt to life in a machine body. Inconsistencies like that are pretty common, especially right after a reboot.

"What isn't common is for a whole group of us to experience the exact same vision at the same time. If it's a glitch, it must be a subroutine buried further down than any of us have diagnosed before. Something we all have in common, from before the reboot.

"But if it's not a glitch, then… what the hell is it?"