Chapter 3

"Well, Glint, I wouldn't classify that as evidence per se," Cryptarch Matsuo hedged. "The spontaneous creation of similar legends in disparate cultures is a well-documented phenomenon. Even in the absence of direct communication. Some scholars call it 'simultaneous invention.'"

"For instance," he continued, "the Yetis of Himalayan folklore and the Lumbering Jacks of North American legend. Both reclusive ape-like creatures said to populate the wilderness. Or the Centaur of Greek mythology and the Sheepdog of Northern Europe. Both mythical creatures said to be hybrids of other species. Etcetera."

"So, yes. It is interesting that so many cultures have stories of the 'Headless Ones,' but that doesn't prove they exist. If anything, it suggests that simultaneous invention is much more universal than previously thought," Matsuo concluded.