Chapter 15

"…that way, when they lit the candle, it would light up the face carved into the pumpkin!"

There was a long pause as Ylaia studied the hologram Glint had projected for her.

"And this was common during the Golden Age?" the Techeun asked.

"It was," Glint nodded. "Humans used to put this pumpkin head all over the place. They would even paint them on their—"

"But why?" Ylaia interrupted.

"Oh, they thought it would help them speak with the dead," Glint chirped matter-of-factly.

The Tech Witch furrowed her brow, piecing together many fragments of disparate lore. "If these legendary 'pumpkins' were tools for seeing beyond the veil of death," she mused, "then it makes sense that they would become the emblem of…" She looked at Glint expectantly.

"The Headless Ones," Glint encouraged her. "I'm really trying to make that name stick. I think it's pretty neat."