Chapter 16

"Cayde used to tell stories about the Headless Ones," Ikora recounted with a wry smile. "He said he killed dozens of them on the Moon. The way he told it, they exploded like piñatas."

She raised her eyebrows. "Of course, it only ever happened when he was alone. The rest of us never found anything but Hive."

"Do you think there might be some truth to his stories?" Glint asked, encouraged.

"Cayde wasn't a liar, but he did love to embellish. That's what made him a great storyteller." She chuckled at a happy, unspoken memory.

Glint arched his shell flaps. "So you wouldn't mind if I looked at those reports?"

Ikora considered. "I don't see why not. The files are decades old by now."

"Just promise me one thing," she said. "If you do find something, tell me. Tell everyone. Cayde would've liked that."