Chapter 6

RECORD: 1224E209$SS-0.113
SUBJECT: Security Log A-280
TEST NO: 109 - Food Supplement - Trial 15
IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, A. Fältskog, Patients 27-31
LOCATION: Morning Star Orbital Platform

[C.B.] Okay, Agatha, what do you have for me?

[A.F.] We took your proposal and ran with it. We've distilled and condensed enough nutrients and proteins down to a single pill that should eliminate the need for sustenance within your average patient for 10 years.

[C.B.] That's a start, but I'd like to get that number higher. I'm tired of stopping to eat. Imagine what this can do for productivity, not to mention military efforts. Next on the chopping block is sleep.

[A.F.] We administered the pill 24 hours ago to five patients.

[C.B.] Let's see how they're acclimating.

[A.F.] //Patient 27, how is your appetite?//

[P27] I don't have one. I miss food, but I think it's habitual.

[A.F.] //Patient 28?//

[P28] My stomach feels full.

[P30] Too full, actually.

[A.F.] //Anyone else experiencing this?//

(murmurs of confirmation)

[C.B.] That's to be expected, I suppose. Must be a bizarre sensation.

[P29] Ma'am… I'm actually feeling pretty sick. (groans)

[P31] Is there a bathroom I could use?

[A.F.] //After we conclude this check-in.//

[P27] I don't think it can wait.

[P28] Ugh…what's happening… (groans) My stomach…

[C.B.] Their stomachs are expanding. Fix it.

[A.F.] I… uh, can't.

(groans) (retching) (screams) (burst) (burst) (burst) (burst) (burst) (fluid spilling)

[C.B.] Agatha, clearly we have not found our solution. I'll leave this, hm, mess in your incapable hands. Don't ever bring me up to witness an event like this again. Disgusting.