Chapter 7

RECORD: 1560E308$SS-0.287
SUBJECT: Security Log A-322
TEST NO: 140 - Clarity Control Exposure - Trial 03
IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, M. Muñiz
LOCATION: Morning Star Orbital Platform

[M.M.] Sir, we have reports coming in from Clarity Control.

[C.B.] About time. Well?

[M.M.] They're dead, sir.

[C.B.] How many?

[M.M.] All of them.

[C.B.] And they all came in physical contact with it?

[M.M.] No, sir. Some were merely within proximity. I have a recording if you'd like to see it.

[C.B.] Right away.

---Recording plays.---

"Did it… you all hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"It's speaking…Mom? Is that you?"

"No! Don't go near i—"

(unintelligible screams) (choking) (fluid spilling)

---Recording ends.---

[C.B.] Fascinating. It appeared to be communicating with them. I wonder what it said…

[M.M.] With your permission, we'd like to quarantine the area and restrict all access.

[C.B.] I'd like to try a different approach. Send in some fresh faces. Tell them nothing, except to keep their distance. I'd like to know what it's saying.