Chapter 3

RECORD: 4987E230$EUR-0.403
SUBJECT: Security Log E-205
TEST NO: 259 - Transtemporal Crossing - Trial 3
IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, J. Wong, Participants 01–05
LOCATION: Europa – Eventide Colony

[C.B.] Send them through.

[J.W.] //Participants, step forward through the portal. Maintain your grasp on the tether. Count to ten and step back out.// Final bet: older or younger?

[C.B.] Older, but if they come back younger, I'm going in next.

[J.W.] (laughs) I think we should get through more clinical trials before you subject yourself, sir.

[C.B.] Here we go. They're through.

[J.W.] Countdown: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… //Pull the tether and bring them back.//

[C.B.] Where are they?

[J.W.] The tether appears to be stuck.

[C.B.] Pull harder.

[J.W.] //Tighten the winch.// It looks like it may snap. Maybe they like what they've found.

[C.B.] Or something is holding them there.

[J.W.] It's giving. Here they come. (whip noise) (splashing sound)

[C.B.] Oh, disgusting… you smell that? It's permeating through the glass. What are we looking at?

[J.W.] Ugh, looks to be complete cellular deterioration. They're just… mushy goop, for lack of a better term.

[C.B.] Guess I won't be going in yet after all.

[J.W.] Seems there are still some things man was not meant to conquer.

[C.B.] If you believe that, you're in the wrong place, Justin. Just needs a little fine tuning.