Chapter 1

RECORD: 3923E112$EUR-0.280
SUBJECT: Security Log E-098
TEST NO: 142 - Radiolarian Fluid Ingestion - Trial 1
IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, J. Wong, Patient 01
LOCATION: Europa – Deep Stone Crypt

[C.B.] How does it taste?

[P01] Metallic. Coarse. Something else…

[C.B.] Does it feel digestible?

[P01] It feels… nourishing. It's cool. I can feel it making its way through me.

[J.W.] This is encouraging. No immediate effects.

[P01] No… I… wait. (wincing)

[C.B.] What is it? Talk to us.

[P01] Feels like… it's attacking my stomach— (vomiting)

[J.W.] Sir, his heart rate is spiking and his pressure is dropping. Damn it, he's losing fluids at an alarming rate.

[C.B.] Exciting, isn't it? What's going to happen?

[J.W.] He's going to die. That's what's going to happen.

[C.B.] Fine. Send in the medic units.

[J.W.] Not sure if it's safe. We don't know if this is contagious. Could go airborne.

[C.B.] How else are we going to find out?

[J.W.] …We send in the medic units.