Chapter 8

RECORD: 6880E465$EUR-0.832
SUBJECT: Security Log E-411
TEST NO: 167 - Bonus Appendages - Trial 08
IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, D. Chambers, Patient 103
LOCATION: Europa - Eventide Colony

[D.C.] We're confident we've isolated and solved the issue.

[C.B.] I know success is possible. It's been shown to me.

[D.C.] Yes, you mentioned the vision previously, sir. We believe that the transition was too jarring. This time, we've fabricated some memories within the patient. This should lead them to believe that the extra arms are in fact part of who they are.

[C.B.] Good. I don't want to have to watch another catastrophically expensive Exo tear itself to pieces again.

[D.C.] //Let's bring the patient online please.// We've already completed the initial awakening seminar, so as not to waste your time.

[C.B.] Did they see the tower?

[D.C.] They did, sir. //How are you feeling?//

[P103] Not great… Where am I?

[D.C.] //Please stand and explore the full range of your mobility.//

[P103] What do you want me to do?

[D.C.] //Raise your arms.// All four seem functional.

[C.B.] Don't celebrate yet. They seem to be moving in tandem. Can they move each one independently?

[D.C.] //Please move each arm. Individually.//

[P103] I… can't. I can't. I can't. What's— not mine. What's. Get them off! Off! (screaming)

[C.B.] It would appear they're on the verge of a psychotic break.

(metal tearing) (screaming)

[C.B.] Dr. Chambers, next time you run this test, I want you in the room with the patient. You understand?

[D.C.] …Yes, sir.