Chapter 9

RECORD: 6882E467$EUR-0.838
SUBJECT: Security Log E-419
TEST NO: 512 - Ice Wielding - Trial 03
IDENTITIES: C. Bray I, J. Wong, Exo 98

[C.B.] Are we ready to introduce our Exo marionette to the future?

[J.W.] Energy transfer initiated.

[C.B.] I love that sound. The sound of progress.

[J.W.] We're at 15%.

[C.B.] Look at his hand. Magnificent.

[J.W.] The ice is concentrated at the palm. Now at 20%.

[C.B.] Imagine the look on Abram's face if he walked in now. The man has no vision. I don't trust people like that.

[J.W.] Agreed. Threshold at 25%. Now would be optimal.

[C.B.] Let's see what he can do. //Try to focus the energy into a controlled burst.//

(loud hum) (blast) (impact)

[C.B.] It went right through the wall.

[J.W.] I'll pop the champagne. We're at 30%. Should we stop?

[C.B.] No, keep going. We can have him chill the champagne for us. (laughs)

[J.W.] Passing 35%. The ice appears to be spreading up his arm. I think we should pull back.

[C.B.] Keep. Going. //Another round of blasts for us!//

(loud hum) (hum intensifies)

[C.B.] Blast, damn it! Blast now!

(hum intensifies)

[J.W.] Sir, the ice is permeating throughout his body.

(hum intensifies)

[C.B.] He's turning into an icicle. //BLAST!//

[J.W.] He's unresponsive. Killing the feed.

(hum subsides)

[C.B.] Is he still alive?

[J.W.] He's frozen solid. It's possible he'll still be operational.

[C.B.] Incredible. We forge ahead under strict lock and key. I want this under my control, no matter the cost.