Chapter 26

RE: Nessus Crash Site

06:00 Orbital bombardment completed.
06:10 Insertion completed. Evidence of heavy fighting surrounding the crash site. No response on open channels.
06:22 Holdout site located. Entrance barricaded from outside, as described. No evidence of a breach attempt.
06:47 Barricade breached. Entrance deemed stable. Fallen forces occupy the ruins. Comms still silent.
07:32 Forward assault team has secured the area. Small arms fire ongoing. We've located three Human bodies, each with multiple gunshot wounds. Their heads have been removed.
07:55 Evidence that at least one more Human body was scattered by explosives. No sign of the team's weapons, Ghosts, or heads.
08:26 Fallen reinforcements are mobilizing. Rear guard is exchanging heavy weapons fire.
08:36 Extraction initiated. Site remains under Fallen control. Bringing back what remains we can. Traveler help us all.