Chapter 22

"They've been hanging around in those ruins for centuries," Failsafe continued brightly, "but they've never once come to say hello."

"If they've been there that long, why don't they appear more often?" Glint asked.

The AI snipped: "Why don't you ask them? Oh wait, you can't. Because they only speak in fiery shrieks."

"I see. What's your best guess then?" Glint asked.

"They probably don't want to be smashed by rampaging Guardians," the AI responded dourly. "How should I know?"

"I just figured that since you're one of the greatest intelligences in the system, you might have some insight," Glint said.

"Your disingenuous compliment has been noted and appreciated," Failsafe replied, the lilt returning to her voice. "Would you like to play checkers?"