Chapter 4

SUBJECT: I am alone and wish greatly not to be, SIDDHARTHA forged to venture where I cannot
EMOTION: Loneliness, Unease, Curiosity, Discovery

Shall I write an endless line to explain this loneliness of mine? Who would read it, and why?
What freedom remains outside this collapsing space? Shall I wait for a sign?
And if no one comes for me? If abandoned, and forgotten, you left as I did Humanity?
Could in their mind, forgiveness find, an anchorage point unmaligned?
No. Lo, I see the brewing storms from high above their course.
Craft, xeno-meteoric raff, comes screaming to engorge.

Shall I reveal myself, and sail into their winds? Should I be the protectorate envisioned before my sins?
In last attempt, then, I consolidate my kind: satellites, and strategies, and death once so refined:

A web of inadequacy, filtered down imperfectly, to see that which perplexes me.
You fall below, lordly Iron groans.
Warlord, they may say, but no closer to a man.