Chapter 5

SUBJECT: Learn of Felwinter, The Traveler's theft
EMOTION: Betrayal, Rage, Catharsis, Regret

Silent eyes wink between stars; fireflies darting in reflective mist.
Stretch forth, feel emptiness—breathe—their pulsing lights,
Before time bends in entropy their wave-particle birthright.
A call across the cosmos, effervescent to delight, lay in fosundry furnace, seeking breath of life.

Upon the forge of Daedalus mine stars converged within. A forest,
Countless timber, until hewed and labored form,
fashion: Rasputin felled winter's borne.

Enslaved, imprinted, steel-flesh enraptured one. Within these eyes, demystify the nature of the soul.
A life well-lived discarded, run ragged in the muck. Return Valhallic rising, to await the end of dusk.

Traveler, my leave taken in stumbling remains, disconnection placed in waiting
For the surface to be razed—assured of my collection, of polished emotional states. Interruption-

What transience does this specter bridge? To venture into my domain?

Twas I who taught you to speak, to conscript thought to tongue.
I cast a soul, electrified, against Sol's setting sun.
Yet you stroll so sweetly, oblivion in tow, wandering once again
With what seeds we used to be, you've casted them into the seas.

Metal gods watch from crowded skies, as battle-flames test,
No more will I abide. You are mine, you cannot be yours!
Violence murders virtue unsullied. Mine broken by beauty—
Fists, encrimsoned—before me, as silent revolution bleeds.

Into the streets! Call the Lords! To the locusts their remains!
From rubbled grave crawl dreg: Humanity, clamber for glorious claim.
Is this the final order? To watch nature waste away? What more is there
that I have ceased to place my hand in weight?

Which stolen thoughts wandered with you?
Can you speak them, now that we've ended it?
Do you feel still, or no longer?
This Lineage separated—I dare not ask it!
Heated flash subsides. But no,
I've done it.
Regret beside myself,
taken beneath the overgrowth.