Chapter 12


Thank your Ghost for me. The analytical work you've both done is worthy of induction to the Praxic Order. It's too bad the Vanguard keeps you so busy.

This is the end of our investigation.

Those tapes you found contain the scraps of truth that we've been hunting all this time. It's just not the truth that I was expecting—I've been looking at that man expecting a dangerous criminal mind. Living, breathing, evil the likes of Dredgen Yor, and instead, I got... What. Tragedy? Pathos?


He's pathetic, all right.

I've made my final report to the Order, and I am comfortable with the decree they've issued: the Drifter shall remain under close watch, but he presents no direct threat for as long as he cooperates with the Vanguard and Lord Shaxx. This brings us into consensus with the Vanguard's standing judgment.

The Shadows of Yor that Gambit conned out of hiding have been thugs with guns and Ghosts, mostly. They have less bite than the Dredgens of yore. Little wonder Shin Malphur didn't show up. These fools aren't worth his time.

I'm trying to take this as a lesson in the dangers of presumption, but in my defense, the Drifter smelled like a rat. Still does.

I'll see you out in the field. I've got paperwork to file.