Chapter 5


Can't believe we're back at Eventide. The place is in ruins. Sad to see it this way. But I need to get off Europa. Rumor is Dr. Bray's going to blow up the whole place.

"Evac ship's in sight at 11 o'clock." Thanks for the callout, nameless Exo.

"Everyone. Hold!" Dr. Bray says and points out the Vex around the evac ship.

"We're going to have to do this carefully," she tells us. "Everyone—"

"Elisabeth," a familiar voice says. Oh no. It's the AI. He's overridden all our comms. We can all hear him. "Do not set foot on that ship."

"Piss off, Grandfather," she snaps.

"And you, my new friend? What will you do?" the AI asks. He's talking to the nameless one now. What the hell is he planning?

Dr. Bray looks to the nameless Exo. She shakes her head, signaling him not to say anything. But he looks mad. Seemed mad at her since they got here.

"Tell me who I am, and I'll stay behind," the Exo says. Really? Family drama?

Dr. Bray's furious. "We don't have time for this!"

"My friend, I'm surprised you haven't figured it out by now," the AI responds.

"I'm Clovis Bray. Like you," the Exo says.

"That's right. Clovis-1," the AI says, sounding almost giddy.

"But I can't remember anything about my life."

"By design. You were stripped down to your most basic emotional form, like all Exos. But help me keep your friends from leaving, and I will tell you everything about your life."

There's a pause. Dr. Bray shakes her head at Clovis-1. "Please," she starts, "we don't need another Clovis." I've seen her speak sincerely before, but this is way beyond that. This feels more like… begging.

Clovis-1 and Dr. Bray share a look.

"Piss off, old man," Clovis-1 says into his comms. Dr. Bray is utterly thrilled. We all are. Phew.

"So you still refuse to acknowledge your god. So be it," the AI says.

What the hell does that mean—