Chapter 22

"After seeing Glint's evidence, I combed our archives for any mentions of headless bodies," Cryptarch Matsuo began.

"And I uncovered what I consider to be the oldest-known documentation of the Headless Ones!" He slid a vacuum-sealed piece of parchment across the desktop to Eido, who chittered in anticipation.

"As you can see," Matsuo continued with a self-satisfied smirk, "this report was written by a Golden Age scholar who describes himself a 'fourth grade' researcher."

"He calls this document a 'book report,'" Eido noticed. "There must have been a larger body of inquiry into the subject than we ever imagined!"

"Absolutely," Matsuo affirmed. "And this report identifies the individual who I believe discovered the very first Headless One…"

"A scientist named… Ichabod Crane!" Eido exclaimed with delight.