Chapter 27

The Findings of Eido, Scribe of House Light, Regarding the Beings Known as the Headless Ones (Cont'd)

"It seems that the overarching theme of The Hall Between was 'transgression.' It was a time when social strictures were lifted, and Humans were permitted to cross the boundaries of nature and society.

It appears that most Humans used this license to contact their ancestors, similar to the Vanguard's severance rituals aboard the Leviathan. However, it is entirely possible that more adventurous practitioners used the power of the pumpkins to create entirely new beings: the Headless Ones.

I'm grateful to Glint for conclusively proving the existence of these reclusive creatures. However, my subsequent research with the Guardian leads me to challenge his conclusions regarding their origins. This debate is likely to continue as long as Lightbearers retain their ghoulish taste for the Headless Ones' loot, and their visceral 'candy' innards."