Chapter 26

"You really think that Humans created the Headless Ones?" Glint tilted his shell flaps obstinately.

"Yes. I hypothesize that they were created as part of an ancient Human ritual," Eido replied, oblivious to the Ghost's indignation. "…called the Hall Between."

Glint tilted incredulously. "A hall between… what?"

"The realms of the living and dead," Eido reasoned. "To which the ancient 'pumpkins' were key."

Glint's shell flaps went slack in confusion.

"So, while I appreciate your discovery of the Headless Ones," Eido continued, "I cannot support your conclusions regarding their origins."

"Or their clearly inaccurate names," Eido added.

"But, but I like—" Glint sputtered.

"I must reiterate that they do, in fact, have heads," Eido insisted in exasperation. "It's their defining feature."