Chapter 11

"And these 'Headless Ones,'" Caiatl began, tilting down her tusks in contemplation, "they are warriors?"

"Oh yes," Eido said, looking up at the Cabal empress. "In fact, they may be Cabal in origin. I am investigating the stories now. Your retainers mentioned a similar tale, and I understand your people have a strong oral tradition. Surely there are accounts of flaming heads? Swords of unusual size?"

Caiatl considered this.

"There have been Cabal who have eaten fire, walked through fire, and belched fire. But that is all."

"I see," said Eido, crestfallen. Caiatl put one massive hand on Eido's shoulder.

"There WERE many warriors with their heads on fire," she offered in consolation. "But not continuously."