Chapter 4

"I called dibs on that candy. Don't make me say it again."

Immaru turned to see another Ghost as she made a beeline for the candy on the ground beneath him.

"You—what are you wearing? You dipped your shell in… Human food?!" Immaru spat.

The other Ghost sighed. "It's a Caramel Apple Shell, you dolt. If you knew anything, you'd recognize how special it is."

"Looks sticky."

"It's a del-i-cacy. Note the elegant ornamentation of crushed toffee bits," she said and spun around.

"If you haven't lost your self-respect yet, allow me to lose it on your behalf," he shot back.

Her iris narrowed as she fixated on Immaru's shell. "Pff. I'm surprised your Guardian didn't dress you up like a lemon," she scoffed.

"I ain't got no Guardian," Immaru sniffed.

The other Ghost bobbed toward him. "Wait, you're unpartnered too? I knew there were more of us out—"

"Happy Festival of the Lost, friends!"

"Oh no," Immaru and the other Ghost groaned in unison as they faced a cheerful Glint.