Chapter 6

Eido sat in the Tower's Bazaar beneath the afternoon sun, comfortably situated at a table with a full pot of tea. She gazed intently into her cup, her research and data spread out around her.

"Eido! Immaru is going to—Eido? Why are you… staring at your tea instead of writing?" Glint peered at her in confusion, Immaru in tow.

"I was going to write. But then I discovered the art of tasseomancy while following an old research lead," she said, her eyes never leaving her cup. "Apparently it's a method of discerning things yet to come by assessing patterns within the leaves and sediment. I… thought it might help."

"I was lookin' for monsters, not tea," Immaru growled. Glint peeked over Eido's shoulder, watching the leaves move in her drink.

Eido squinted her four eyes. "This pattern looks like—"

"Commander Zavala! Knitting with Empress Caiatl!" Glint exclaimed.

Eido watched as the leaves swirled around in the tea in the shape of a ragged claw, and a sharp chill suddenly settled deep within her. "No, it's—"

"Fynch! With a Lucent Knight! No, a Hunter! No, wait—he's hugging Savathûn!" Glint called out again.

"Why did I think for one second this was gonna be worth my while," Immaru muttered and left.