Chapter 3

Eido loomed over the gathered hatchlings, who huddled together nervously. Drifter loitered nearby.

"The Drowned Captain feared nothing," Eido intoned. "So, when he saw the three glowing eyes in the cave mouth, he opened fire!" Eido mimed furious shooting with all four hands.

"But after he stopped, the creature was not felled. Instead," she said, her voice dropping to a low rasp, "it advanced."

"Purple flames poured from the creature's eyes," she said, leaning forward. "It let loose a deafening shriek—"

Drifter, sensing his cue, let loose a blood-curdling scream, causing the hatchlings to jump and chitter in fright.

"And when the scream ended, Phyzann of House Dusk, the Drowned Captain, had disappeared," Eido whispered, "…and was never seen again."