Chapter 19

Saint-14 watches vessels dip in and out of the hangar. The cadence of docking and disembarking ships finds rhythm in the busy city. It is routine. Practiced. Peaceful.

A visitor steps aboard the Gray Pigeon.

Geppetto turns to welcome them. "Greetings, Brother Osiris. You are a welcome sight. Is Sagira with you?"

"Hello Geppetto. Sagira visits Ikora." Osiris sits on the gangway of the Gray Pigeon. He runs a ribbon through his fingers. "Hello Saint."

"Osiris? I wondered if this meeting would be with one of your projections."

"I would not…"


"Quite the shrine they've made for you. Are you dying?"

Saint-14 laughs.

"It is good to see you again, Brother."