Chapter 10

"Can you do it, Drifter? Can you make the Man with the Golden Gun the villain in the eyes of those who would tempt the Dark? It's the final piece. Can you make them fear him?

"Cuz if you can…

"Any Guardian who truly embraces the nature of your Gambit will find themselves a real connection to the mantle of that dead legend. They will take bear that vile title. They will wear his vile colors. They will challenge and even remake the infamy of his vile deeds.

"Through these temptations, they will grow strong, but the hatred must be true—driven by the power they find in your wicked game, sealed in the fear you'll seed in the name of the Man with the Golden Gun. I wish there was another way, but your old brothers and sisters in shadow are too far gone. You've seen it. You know as well as me—better than me—the path they walk offers only ruin.

"They must be stopped.

"So, spread your unholy word, brother. Give new life to old myths. And when that hateful name Dredgen spreads throughout the system… his real disciples will have no choice but to confront their sins.

"And you and me? We'll be the ones hearing their confessions.

"Oh, one more thing. Let me know who has the gall to change their names. I might want to… give 'em a word or two."

—A Renegade's Final Words to a Drifter Before Resuming the Hunt