Chapter 18

The Dawning is a time of great generosity and gift-giving. It feels very good to receive a gift, especially a thoughtful one that was chosen for you by someone you care for. If you approach gift-giving with love and a selfless heart, it deepens your relationship to another person. As I'm sure you know by now, it is as rewarding to give a gift as to receive it.

When you find yourself receiving many gifts, maybe unexpectedly, look to the giver. Have you given them anything? Gift-giving is not score-keeping, but when you are showered with luxurious gifts made of gold, engraved with your name, lavished upon you with great bouts of flattery—stop and think about why you have received them.

Sometimes you should question these gifts. Consider who the gift-giver has favored before. Why you? Why now? If you have no satisfying or reassuring answer to these questions, the chances are good that this gift-giver is carefully tallying your "debts," and will one day move to collect them.

Not all gifts are given freely. Remember that.

That's all, my dear friend. I have no story this time. Just a warning.