Chapter 11

This is Praksis, the Technocrat speaking from Riis-reborn. It has become evident that, even as our numbers grow, many Eliksni have yet to accept our Kell's invitation to take part in the long-awaited progress of our people.

Thus, it falls on me to make an argument I did not think I would have to make… No. That is false. I did anticipate some degree of cowardice, obstinacy, stupidity—whatever you might call it—but only in the beginning, when we lacked evidence for our endeavor.

At this late stage, however, when Eramiskel succeeds where all others failed… Alas, I might find it hard to believe if I could not see the empty spaces in our half-filled capitol. Or heard the whispers of doubt sown by the weakling of House Light.

Yes, even from this moon of some distance, I can tap into your transmission, Misraaks. Others may call you Forsaken, but I dub you Foolish, clinging still to that moon-sized obsolescence. Do you forget the lesson we teach our children? A Ketch laden with the unnecessary will never fly.

As for those of you following in his example, placing your faith in peace with our enemies… well, what good are the words of a scientist if you ignore what is before your own eyes? I can only encourage you to truly think. What proofs have your alleged allies offered of their loyalty? Their willingness to share equally with you? How have you benefitted, truly benefitted, from them?

If you answer, "None yet," or "I don't know," I admire your patience. For myself, for my Kell, for all of us of House Salvation, the time has grown too long and the failures too many to invest in such a flimsy experiment.

The Eliksni must update our approach if we are ever to rise. Either join us as we march toward progress…

Or be swept aside with the vestigialities.