Chapter 11

My Queen,

I find myself unexpectedly empathizing with the Vex Gate Lords. The machines' sole purpose lies in defending their realm—a noble and relatable cause. I employ that same sense of duty. It's what drives me in our crusade against the Darkness and allows me to persevere, even when I feel pushed past my limits, much as I do now. I will not lie to you, my Queen: the very fabric of my mind feels twisted and frayed.

I have always sensed something inherently dark in regard to the Vex. Specifics elude me for now, but I believe it warrants further scrutiny, should we survive this ordeal.

The ancient protectors of the Black Garden are rumored to contain code—not coordinates to a place, but potentially a key to time itself. Perhaps we can harness that code and erase the horrors of the past. We could save ourselves from the suffering and pain we're being forced to confront.

It sounds weak to hope for something so impossible, but trying to reconcile the distress has caused a lesion that I fear will never heal. The past has come back to torment me. For those I love, I will make sacrifices, but will there be anything left of me afterward?