Chapter 12

My Queen,

I have now seen Fikrul, the Fanatic—the Scorned Baron, brainwashed into subjugation by your brother, a puppet in Uldren's scheme to open a gateway to the Dreaming City.

The appearance of his Nightmare begs even bigger questions: Why him? What is the Pyramid implying?

I often ruminate on the Fallen. They are a fascinating people: a once-great society, now reduced to wasted potential, destroyed by the Darkness. Who can say what they might have achieved before their downward spiral into scavenging and piracy?

Is this to be my legacy, too? Am I fated to fail, a pawn to the whims of the Darkness? If that is what the Nightmare of Fikrul represents, what choice am I left with? I have already been stripped of my Light. It would be easy for the Darkness to take me, if I let it. Do I dare?

If we lose this coming battle, surely we're to suffer the same fate as the Fallen—being cast aside, aimless and gagging on our own lost hopes and ideals.

It's growing harder to find the Light.