Chapter 3

The Last City did not rise without struggle. Lightbearers, styling themselves as Warlords, and wilderness fiefdoms clung to power. Starvation, disease, and anarchy menaced. But this struggle brought about the rise of the Guardians and the formation of the Vanguard. The organization fought tirelessly to return some semblance of order to the people remaining on Earth.

As the City learned to walk again, it found a world overrun by alien menace. It faced disaster and defeat in the Taken War and the Red War, outlasted multiple invasions, and was plunged into an Endless Night. If not for the work and sacrifice of the Vanguard, we would have lost it many times over.

The Last City is both a reminder of all that remains of Earth's civilization, and a commitment to our future. Repairs may come in small bursts, progress may feel slow, but humanity is nothing if not resilient.