Chapter 2


"There are none.
"Their strength is a shade of that required by the sword logic's demand for blood and pain.
"They, as all, must be made to suffer for their worth to be evident, but they fear such ends.
"I am no Inquisitor, by right or title.
"Yet, I see clearly, through the sullied haze of their ambitions.
"They speak of honor and nobility.
"They have none.
"They crave power. Not truth.
"They seek evolution but cannot comprehend its price, or meaning.
"They want, only because they want—these heathen 'saviors' forewarned in prophecy.
"Come from the depths to feast upon those weakened by our loss and our struggle against enemies more brutal than time.
"I fear the path you court, sister, is a rebuke of more than tradition.
"You challenge Understandings mapped upon flesh, bone, and the very essence of centuries beyond knowing.
"You seek to unmake the logic, for selfish gain.
"Such is a treasonous affront.
"Others have tried.
"Others have been held to account for such callous sin.
"Yet, I look upon the lustful offspring of our once-King, and I see cowards.
"I see our end—written in greed.
"The aftermath of a feeble reign.
"Such is not how I would see us fall.
"Ridden to oblivion by spoiled heirs and would-be heroes born of the desperate throngs who only now, after the battles have been fought and our war lost, find their courage… here in the wake of our undoing."