Chapter 4


"Then it is set.
"The logic will never find purchase among the unworthy.
"And be not unclear, though we revile those we seek to challenge, we are truly their kin.
"If not by marrow's tie nor blooded divinity…
"Then by our own failings—if not of a kind equal to their transgressions.
"Yet, there is honor in the knowing…
"We alone recognize our lack of worth and thus stand above those who seek Ascension ignorant of their truest reflection…
"Ignorant of the logic's base demand.
"But I say now, with an unfettered mind…
"The sword logic is not all.
"And the logic can be subverted—must be subverted.
"I have studied paths both honored and depraved—the might of Oryx, the strength and cunning of his sisters, the folly of Crota's pride, and the necromantic sin of the unfavored.
"I have long since stolen knowledge from the World's Grave—known texts and secret learnings.
"I have prepared for this day—for the time when reliance on the rule of might—the survival of the fittest—would prove to be misguided.
"Our understanding of its meaning… flawed and open to manipulations by those willing to find strength—purpose—in heresy.
"I say, we are they—the sinners, the heretics…
"I say… let us sin.
"Let us be the liars and conspirators whose self-made truth topples stagnant, uninspired belief and births a new dynasty.
"Dearest Akrazul.
"Dearest Azavath.
"Let us reap the just affliction of our suffering's reward.
"We shall claim the burden of dominion and endure the pains of such tremendous weight.
"Just as all others will endure, as final, unwelcome recompense, the harsh realities of their end."