Chapter 6

RECORD: 6532V538$LUN-1.006
IDENTITIES: Dr. Janet Green
LOCATION: K1 Dig Site 1, Crew Quarters, Room 403

"Hi, my Little Mouse. I hope that when we listen to this, we're both home and celebrating.

"It was hard leaving you and Mimi behind, and well… you didn't make it any easier. I didn't even get to hug you goodbye.

"Hopefully we're laughing about it now.

"Anyway, I'm recording this because I was invited to do… well, a super-special and super-secret job. So secret that I can't send you any messages while I'm away.

"But I'm going to record something every day because I'll be thinking about you every day. And Mimi, too, but I have different messages for her.

"So… Let's start with the big stuff.

"Mama is on the Moon! I'm sure you'll know that by the time we listen to this, but still, it's so crazy! It was long trip, and I'm exhausted, but now that I'm here I can't sleep. Too excited, I guess.

"Anyway, they found something up here on the Moon. It's a… Well, no one really knows what it is, but it's talking to something way out there. It might be talking to another Traveler! And that's what I'm here to help figure out. They needed Mama to help them crack the code. Pretty cool, right?

"I mean, another Traveler—or maybe the origins of the Traveler—wow.

"I hope you understand now that I had to go. I had to. Sorry, Mouse. Next time I leave, I expect that hug!

"You give the best hugs. I hope you're hugging me when you hear this."