Chapter 9

Entry 99

It's noon and the trucks are finally loaded. A late start. Dead crows on the ground this morning. A bad omen.

Only Yuki, myself, and three more of our Black Armory family remain. Well, the five of us and… the Exo. I only caught a glimpse of her so far. So much is riding on that metal and synth body.

We woke her today. I can't look her in the eye…

The birds are missing from the sky. We're going to head to the airport and then try to pick the safest destination.

I was the last one out of the lab. I wonder if I'll ever see it again.


Entry 100
The Exo has so many questions for me. I have some for her, too, but our current situation isn't the time or the place. We took fire on the road this afternoon. Fortunately, they were not as heavily armed as we were.

My fears of putting weapons in the hands of everyone have come true. Humans just can't be trusted. WE HAVE THE SAME ENEMIES, YOU IDIOTS! Even as the bones of civilization are picked clean, we continue fight one another.


Entry 101
Trucks are stuck. We may need to proceed on foot.

Travelers are heading in the opposite direction now. I'm questioning my decision to abandon the lab.

It's just one of many decisions I'd like to have back.