Chapter 5

Entry 50

Today I gave Helga a piece of my mind.

She came to me with another "opportunity" for the Armory. Another chance to increase our production. But this project is really crossing a line for me.

Exos. I never liked the idea of them in the first place. They're not Humans. They don't have a soul. They're nothing but the experiments of Humans playing God. Since when has that gone well? If one day they decide they don't like the rest of us, what recourse do we have? It'll be slaughter.

Thinking about combining that technology with ours makes me sick.

Helga knew how I would feel about this. She absolutely knew. And yet she brought it to me anyway. She even brought up Titan again! They're talking about a potential evacuation. "People will need protection more than ever," she said. "This is the logical next step."

Yuki tried to play both sides as usual. She means well. Always getting between me and Helga when things start to get ugly. She usually knows just how to calm things down, and I admire her for it, but not this time.

This was not the purpose of the Black Armory.